London Muesum

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Having missed the “London dub” exhibition I decided to do the whole tour of the museum instead, I love history and archaeology and was looking forward to seeing London throughout the years. It was interesting to see how people lived and survived and learning about major historical events that helped to shape London into what it is today. As the timeline increased and we got deeper into history I couldn’t help but see the lack of myself and my ancestors included in this history, and it was so clear to me this was the history of London told solely from a white perspective. Anything that related to other cultures and my own was either small enough to fit in a few boxes or a story about slavery narrated by a white man. I was disappointed but I wasn’t surprised and that’s quite sad. After that draining experience I took myself for some much needed food at Camden markets Quinoa foods and had the most delicious vegetarian arepa! With soul warming ingredients that was enough to turn my day around!

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